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Sapa Mountain Trekking

Starting from Sapa to the South East of Sapa alongside Muong Hoa valley to Y Linh Ho and Lao Cai village of the H’Mong minority. These were the beautiful sceneries I captured along the trip. It took about 5 hours for me to complete. When you arrived at the end point, there will be van to pick you up and go back to your hotel.

Mountain trekking/ hiking is a mixed feelings for me. I don’t like it, but still tried once or twice. I felt want to cry and give up but I know I have no choice but to finish it by myself. Team mates only able to support and accompany. No matter how, you will keep on cheer yourself that you can do it. When you reached the destination, you will feel accomplished. Isn’t this spirit should keep in our mind always no matter what problems we are facing? Perhaps, more hiking / mountain trekking needed to gain own optimism.


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