Thailand · 泰国

I had my first visit to Bangkok in April 2016 with my bunch of besties! The main objective of the trip was to experience Songkran! Other than that, to taste the original of tom yum kung & other delicious food, also, shopping!

Songkran is from 13 – 15 April every year. Our vacation was from 10th – 14th April. We planned to experience one day of Songkran then quickly back home in Malaysia. As usual, the last day usually is boarding day.

Our itinerary was BKK-HUA HIN-BKK. It was quite rush and spent some time on the journey between Bangkok and Hua Hin. But still, it depends on how you think. I choose to think on the good side. Bangkok is a hectic and happening city. While Hua Hin is a quiet, slower pace, small town for me. If your main objective is shop-till-drop in short period of vacay, Hua Hin probably is not your option to visit. I felt glad that during the journey of crazy shopping in Bangkok has a little time to relax and explore in Hua Hin. We walked around the small town just by sightseeing, passed by an ice cream shop and just walk-in, as chill as that. Seafood in Hua Hin is good too!

We choosed to take the public van from Bangkok to Hua Hin and same way to come back to Bangkok. It is the best option as it’s only THB180, the van departs as long as it’s full capacity, approcimate every 15 mins from Victory Monument. The journey takes around 3 hours. Good luck to you to choose the van with well function of air conditional. There might not have stopped during the journey to go toilet. You might able to request but still good luck for not having stomachache during the 3 hours journey!

Happy travelling!

P/s: Image was taken at my stay at Cloudy Hostel, Bangkok. View from the bathroom window of my rooftop room. I explore and feed my visual when I travel. ❤


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