Yatsuhashi 八ツ橋


Yatsuhashi is a Japanese confectionery sold mainly as a miyagegashi (souvenir sweet). It is one of the best known meibutsu (famous regional products) of Kyoto. It is made from glutinous rice flour (上新粉 jōshinko), sugar and cinnamon. They have two types. Baked and raw (unbaked yatsuhashi).

Baked, it is similar to senbei, crunchy. It’s sweetness is just nice. Perfect for tea time or little snack while feeling hungry. Raw, Nama yatsuhashi (unbaked yatsuhashi) has a soft, mochi-like texture and is often eaten wrapped around red bean paste, and may come in a variety of different flavours.

Unbaked Yatsuhashi

For myself, I prefer baked. Price range is about 540 円 to 1,080 円 depending on the packaging size.

source: wikiotabe


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