Donbee ♡

#Budget Meal from konbini

Try out soba instant noodle where you can get from convenient store! There are tons of instant noodles selling in konbini. I was recommended by a Japanese friend to try Donbee ( どん兵衛 ) by Nissin.

They have few choices. I tried Donbee tempura soba [特盛].   ヽ(´∀`)ノ
( どん兵衛特盛天ぷらそば )

Watch the video and see how it looks like! 😀

P/s: The one I mentioned is at the middle.

P/p/s: Actually I found donbee in Malaysia too. But they don’t have big bowl size. And it isn’t a budget meal here.

P/p/p/s: If you found out any instant noodle is delicious too, feel free to share!



Credits: Youtube


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